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2011 New Summer Colors

Collect a Collection!

Spirit Fingers: All Sports Collection

Select from these sports colors to create your favorite team colors! Any two colors you like...

Three for $19.00!

Buy 2 get one free! Here’s a great way to stock up on your favorite new and old Piggy Polish colors to create fun and colorful nails. These colors will be changing every now and then, so check back often for your favorites!


What a fun way to match your nails to your favorite pet! This 2-pack contains a .5 oz bottle of Piggy Polish and a .26 oz bottle of matching pet polish. A healthy dog treat is included in the kit. This kit comes in 5 colors: Purple, Red, Orange, Yellow and Pink

Pre Tan Post Tan

One color for before you tan and another for after you have hit the beach! Get your tan on with these fun colors of "Sand It Over” and "Piglet”, chosen carefully to reflect your not so tan skin and then your sunburned skin J. Use alone or together. .5 oz bottles.

Beach Day / Romantic Night

One color for the beach, another for a night on the town. Keep your cool on the beach with this bright shade of orange and go for a mysterious look with this deep shade of gray. Colors include ‘marmalade’ and ‘Midnight Cheer’. Use alone or together. .5 oz bottles.

Stay Covered While Uncovering

Don’t forget to protect your nails while you are protecting your skin! Our UV Protected ‘Under Toe’ base coat and ‘Over the Top’ top coat will keep you covered and give your nails the special treatment they deserve ~ while helping Piggy Polish stay on longer on your nails! .5 oz bottles.

Rock. Star.

You Rock. You are a Star. Rock your nails and look like a star with these beautiful shades to wear together or alone. The glitter shade "Among the Stars” can be used alone or as a top coat. It is lovely in the sun as it glitters and shimmers! The shade ‘Rockstar’ is the perfect shade of brown for the days you want to feel earthy and grounded, like a rock! These colors can be worn alone or together, and Among the Stars looks so pretty over Rockstar, you will want to wear them all summer! .5 oz bottles.

Spring Knocks

When spring knocks at your door, push the knob, open up & run forward into its widespread open arms…Keep your nails looking spring-like all year long with these fun shades of teal and pink. Embrace Adventure and Dream Out Loud. Complimentary names, complimentary colors. Wear alone or together for countless combinations. .5 oz bottles.


Who doesn’t love nails that glow in the dark? And who doesn’t love mulit-glitter? This 2-pack contains both!! A long-lasting glow-in-the-dark subtle top coat and a black and red glitter are perfect not only for Halloween, but for All. Year. Long. Great gifts for those that love Halloween and for those special occasions when having glow in the dark nails is the right thing to do! .5 oz bottles
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