Hieroglyphics is Greek for ‘sacred writings’.  They are basically symbols used instead of words or letters to convey meaning.  Deciphering these symbols have proved to be difficult and now it’s pretty much a guessing game as to what they were trying to say. But it’s still cool to see, and to ancient Greeks, it meant something because they didn’t know how else to put down what they were seeing or feeling.  Ancient Native American’s painted on caves and rocks to tell their story, via drawings or carvings. They too had a story to tell through imagery and for the most part, it was way easier to understand than hieroglyphics. We look at these cave drawings and can decipher their story.  Fast forward to henna, which doesn’t necessarily draw images to convey meaning or tell a story, yet are painted on hands to depict body art as a part of social  or holiday celebrations.  The art is very specific to the meaning behind what you want your hands to say, and what celebration you are experiencing.  It’s another way to express yourself without the written word.

I’ve often said hands tell a story.  And they do. But wouldn’t it be cool if we could somehow write the story of our lives on our hands as we go along, so we didn’t have to write it down on paper? That somehow, we could combine hieroglyphics and native american drawings and henna all together and write it on our hands for everyone to see.  It would be the continuous  story of our lives depicted for all to see and for us to remember. And although this would be pretty cool, do our hands really need it? Do they need imagery and pics and art?  Don’t they already tell a story?

With all their work and drudgery and romance and wrinkles and veins and bruises, our hands need nothing other than themselves to tell the world who we are.  They tell things we can’t hide from.  They are our symbols and drawings and henna all rolled into one, without us even trying. It’s like they have  invisible henna written all over them.   Take a look at your hands, and thank them for the story they are telling. For they are as unique and beautiful as you are. Our hands do tell a story.  Let them speak.

With love from Grand Haven,