Apparently, getting your nails painted with your dog is now a thing.  Salons & Nail places so far cannot legally allow pets to come into their businesses due to health reasons and sanitary issues, yet I can see this as changing in the near future.  For now, it is a DIY project for you and your beloved pet.

I have a dog and 2 cats and I love them.  And I respect everyone’s undying affection they have for their pets.  Yet, having matching painted nails with my dog – or Lord help me my cats – is not in my wheelhouse.  And how would people even notice this adoring ‘bonding’ experience if one doesn’t post it on FB or Instagram?  I mean, one would have to walk around like thisin order for people to see their obsession with their nails and their pets.  And that, my friends, is hard to do.  Plus, how do you know what color you dog likes?  Do you ask them?  Do you take your pet to a color analyst and see what color looks good according to their skin tone, hair color, personality or facial expression? Do you match it to the new $50 scarf you put around their neck?  Do you match it to their collar?  Do you put colors in front of your dog and when they bark or look at you a certain way do you pick that color?  Or do you just willy nilly pick any ‘ole color you want based on your skin tone or outfit or season?  Where does this end?  or begin?

If you all want to jump on this craze and believe that this will somehow make you closer to your pet or make your pet love you more or just want to do it for the hell of it, that’s completely up to you and I respect it.  Just don’t expect to see my Insta feed with images of me and Marie Leveau walking around town with our matching “pet-icures”.  At least not yet.

With love from Grand Haven,


P.S.  These may or may not be my pictures of me and my dog and I may or may not do this every day.  Don’t judge.