Just the word fear can put fear in my head. Fear is different than scary. Movies are labeled as scary, not fearful, I mean, no one says “do you like fearful movies?” They say “do you like scary movies”. It’s different.

Fear can bring up all kinds of emotions and physical sickness. And it got me thinking about the price of fear. Not the physical or emotional price, but the cost in dollars and cents. Have you ever thought about it? I haven’t, until the threat of a winter storm had me running to Meijer for stuff I usually don’t buy like milk, bread, granola bars, and wine. When the storm of the year amounted to nothing and I regretted spending the money on things I didn’t need, it made me pause and think about the price of fear. So here goes.


Fear of weather = meijer

fear of climate change = donating money + adjusting things I purchase

fear of energy crisis = solar panels + those longer lasting light bulbs

fear of sunburn = sunscreen

fear of getting sick = masks over our mouths, airbonne, flu shots, vitamin infusions, staying home from work or school

Fear of what we put in our bodies = organic food + probiotic’s

Fear of what we put on our bodies = organic or natural skin products

Fear of growing old = cosmetic surgery, makeup, diets, exercise programs

Fear of failing = private lessons, supplements, gym memberships

Machiavelli said “It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both”. Fear can dictate how we live our lives and the price of it can ruin us. Love is similar. The next time I feel fearful, I’m going to take a good look at why & how much it is costing me.

With love from Grand Haven,