portage lake of me“Color is my day long obsession, joy & torment”

—Claude Monet


Piggy Polish started on a whim on a June afternoon in the summer of 2003.  I was outside painting my nails and wishing for a nail polish that came in bright, fun colors that was as strong and long lasting as salon quality polish.  Back then it seemed all quality polish only came in typical colors such as red and pink, not the colors I liked to wear such as yellow, orange, blue and green.  I distinctly remember thinking that if I wanted such a polish, perhaps others would as well. With that, Piggy Polish was started.  It really is as simply as that.

The name Piggy Polish was chosen as I typically wore nail polish only on my toes, or my piggy’s.  Also, I thought more people would chose to wear it on their toes given the bright and unusual color palette.  I had a clear vision of what I wanted Piggy Polish to be.  I wanted a strong, long lasting, quick drying formula that came in unusual colors.  I wanted  poetic and meaningful names, as if they told their own story and created a sense of  fun.   I wanted to create the whimsical side of beauty, the individualistic and made-just-for-me  side.  I wanted a product that was as pure as you can get without sacrificing quality and durability.  I wanted to do what no other company could do with packaging, finishes and displays.  Just like you, I wanted to be different.  Inspiration can come from anywhere if you are open to it, and hearing others thoughts and ideas get the wheels of creativity moving for me.  So I listen carefully to our customers, people I trust in the industry, and to what is going on in the world to keep our product relevant and meaningful.  I also trust my instincts.

FACES – We recognize faces, and we want you to recognize ours. We like faces that are truthful and honest, that don’t exaggerate and tell it like it is. Piggy Polish does the same. 

PLACES – we want to be accessible to you both for information and for you to purchase our products.  We want to make things simple for you. 

SPACES – We fill a space that is unique and different in the nail polish world and we offer products that genuinely benefit you, our customers. 

Piggy Polish is located  on the shores of Lake Michigan in the beautiful Midwest where inspiration for color comes to us naturally, in all seasons.