dancing in the rainWeather.  Whether.  Whether I come or not will not depend on the weather. We put a lot of emphasis on the weather and whether or not we should plan an event during a certain time of the year.  An outdoor fall wedding is beautiful but what if it rains?  What if it snows?  What if it’s windy?  What if there’s a hurricane?  What if it’s too hot?  Or too cold?  And then there’s summer and all of the issues that come along with warm weather, like sunburn, and bugs and heatstroke and sweating and breathing issues and wearing too little or too much.  And then there’s winter and all of the headaches that come along with winter driving and coldness and slush and sleet and snow and what in the world do I wear to such an event as my shoes will be ruined and my hair will be flat and if I bring my gloves I’ll forget them and a scarf around my neck seems so West Michigan-like.  So much energy goes into worrying about weather.  And so many plans are made depending on the weather.  And guessing what the weather will be like.  And hoping it will be sunny and 75 degrees with a slight breeze so everyone will be happy.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all slow down and realize that we bring our own weather to the picnic.  We can make it as fun or as miserable as we want.  We can complain about the heat or dance in the sun.  We can stay home because the roads are too slippery or venture out and have a story to tell.  We can dress inappropriately for the weather and laugh at the absurdity of having to ask your dad for his over coat to stay warm.  We can stop worrying about our hair.

We bring our own weather to the picnic.  The point is, BE at the picnic.