There are places I remember all my life, though some have changed.  In thinking about Piggy Polish and all of the things we want to accomplish this year, we came up with three main ideas, Faces, Places & Spaces.  Here are our thoughts:

FACES – We recognize faces, and we want you to recognize ours. We like faces that are truthful and honest, that don’t exaggerate and tell it like it is. Piggy Polish does the same.

PLACES – we want to be accessible to you both for information and for you to purchase our products.  We want to make things simple for you.

SPACES – We fill a space that is unique and different in the nail polish world and we offer products that genuinely benefit you, our customers.

In my life, the places and faces that fill the spaces of my mind are those that see the world differently, and who like to try new things and new products.  Piggy Polish embraces color and wants everyone – the misfits, poets, mystics, painters – and everyone in-between to try our good-for-you products.  Let us know how we are doing.  Leave a comment, drop us a line, give us a call.  We would love to hear from you and we will listen.