I often get asked if I carry gel polish or a shellac type of polish or a polish that adheres to your nails by UV light so it stays on your nails for a month.  I typically respond using a famous quote by Lewis Carroll from my favorite book of all time, Alice in Wonderland.  The quote states “I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then”.  In using that quote, I try to get across that I don’t like my nails being the same color for a whole month.  I can’t imagine such a thing!  Aren’t we all different people as we go through our days, or our weeks, or most especially a month?  Our moods change, our thoughts change, our clothes change…shouldn’t our nails?  I also think of a quote from the movie “Draft Day” where Kevin Costner states “We live in a different world than we did 30 seconds ago”.  That’s how I view changing my nail color.  Our lives change so quickly as we go through our week and we have to adjust to the every changing world.  I use my nails as a canvas to showcase my mood, or what is happening in the world, or where I am going, or what the weather is like, or any other myriad of reasons to change my nail color.  Sometimes we are a different person than we were when we woke up, shouldn’t our nails reflect our changes?  Leaving the same nail color on my nails for a month, or even 2 weeks, would be unthinkable to me.  I mean, some days we dress up and some days we stay in our comfortable clothes and some days we go to sporting events so we wear team colors and some days we want to look all trendy…shouldn’t our nails reflect that as well?   I think so.

It does not take long to change nail color.  And oh it makes such a difference.  Piggy Polish comes in so many colors, I can’t even imagine only changing my nails 12 times a year ~ I often do that a week!  In 2017, take the time to love your nails, treat them right and change them as often as you change your clothes.  You will be so happy and your nails will love you!