OctobersIt seems to me that there are very few people who have never been to Michigan.  In all my travels, when it comes up that I am from Michigan the hand comes out and they ask where in Michigan are you located?  We have done a great job here promoting the state through our “Pure Michigan” campaign and attract people from all over the US to visit our beautiful state.  Although summers are clearly the best with our unending miles of singing sand beaches, sand dunes, lakes, piers, arts, festivals, music venues and craft beer, there is something very special about fall and October.  Things slow down, football season is in full swing, we get bundled up and cozy, we get our yards cleaned and our outdoor furniture put away, we get our furnaces checked, and we prepare for the cold months ahead.  Yet nothing ever prepares us for the spectacular display  of fall leaves and the changing landscape of colors throughout the state. It is worth it to take a long drive on a weekend just to look at the colors.  It is inspiring to me as a nail polish company owner to look around and try to duplicate these colors on my nails, to mix it up and pair orange and red and gold and yellow with a smidgen on green.  It is a relaxed time, a happy time, a time to remind ourselves that “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers”.  Now celebrate  the season with festive nails!  Try Piggy Polish ‘Oh My Gourd’ or ‘What Elf’er’ or ‘ Hey there Sailor’.