They say that life must constantly change in order to remain the same.  Fall is a good time to change, just look around.  Leaves turn a new color.  School begins a new year.  High school and college Football season starts a new quarterback and a new team.  Kids go off to college.  The season changes from hot to cool, to cold.  Things slow down.  People slow down. Routine begins again.  Of all the seasons, fall has the biggest changes.  That’s why I believed September was the perfect time to launch the new Piggy Polish website.  It’s the perfect time for change. Yet with all of the innovation and changes, some things will remain the same such as:  the best nail polish I can deliver; safe and healthy products for all ages; fun shades;  new products; sharing a piece of myself with every post and every bottle; and my commitment to creating a product and a company that makes life a little more colorful.  Embrace this season of change and try something new, after all “life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all”.