you lost your muchnessI don’t want to ever hear the words ‘you used to be much more….’.  I used to be what?  Happier?  More colorful?  More daring?  More brave?  More loud?  More playful? Work, responsibilities, events, meetings, and simply life has started to make me feel like I have lost my ‘muchness’.  In realizing this I told my 13 year old daughter to make a calendar on our chalkboard wall for the months of June, July and August.  This summer, we are going to jump in Lake Michigan every day thoughout the summer.  No matter what.  Even if it’s cold.  Or rainy.  Or windy. Or stormy.  Or too busy.  We need something to laugh about as we get older.  And to remember.  And I don’t want to lose my muchness.  So here’s to a summer of polar plunges, every day.And maybe a cartwheel or two.