My daughter Anna has the most healthy, beautiful, long nails I have ever seen. They are also the barest nails I have ever seen. I own a nail polish company. She has her pick of about 300 colors to choose from to paint her nails in any design she wants and in any finish she could possible want ~ gloss, shimmer, glitter, matte ~ you name it, it is literally at her fingertips. Yet, can I get her to paint her nails? Nope. Can I offer to paint her nails so she doesn’t have too? Yes. Does she let me? No. Get the picture? Oh, she will go to the salon and get a fancy manicure or pedicure, but paint her nails herself? Nope. I paint my nails continuously, taking colors off and putting on new. I try new color combinations. I add glitter, beads, feathers, lace, tinsel, and anything else I can find trying to find cool new ideas and combinations. Yet Anna? She won’t paint her beautiful, long, strong nails. What is a momma to do? The best I can do is sigh heavily and be thankful she is the kind, happy, beautiful, smart girl she is.