I am fortunate to live pretty close to Lake Michigan so I often run with my puppy to the beach.  As we approach the beach she pulls harder and picks up her pace and we always splash in at full speed, which means my running shoes & socks get soaked.  This also means that as we walk through the sand back to the road, piles of sand sticks to my shoes and my feet get super heavy.  It also means that the sand gets inside my shoes and into my socks and creates this scratchy, almost tickly feeling all the way home.  And although this may sound harsh & uncomfortable, I can assure you it is not.  Not only do I kind of forget about the sand in my shoes, when I get home and take my shoes and socks off, my feet feel unbelievably soft, tingly and refreshed.  I often stay outside and continue to utilize the sand by rubbing it in and around my toes, heel and rough spots on my feet.  It feels fabulous and naturally exfoliates my skin.

So this has me thinking of a new product.  I am going to make a new sand scrub that is pretty harsh to the feel (at first) yet leaves your feet feeling amazing and clean and refreshed and tingly and exfoliated.  Kind of like a run or walk on the beach. I know how important feet are to our overall health and I know we need to take care of them and I know I hear from people all the time wanting to know how to have nicer looking feet, without having to use all kinds of chemicals or products.  How much more natural can you get than sand?  People travel from all over to feel the ‘sand between their toes’.  And how many vacation pictures have you seen of peoples feet in the sand or on the beach or in some fancy destination with their toes peeking out of the sand?  Everyone loves sand!

Try using sand as your natural exfoliator and foot refresher, so when someone asks you how you keep your feet looking so great, you can say “Hey, it’s the sand, man”.  Look for this new product before the end of the year.

With love from Grand Haven,