The window I look out the most is the one over the sink in the kitchen.  I stand there sometimes for a bit and just look at the backyard.  I don’t have a fancy yard, but in the spring and summer and fall it is filled with colorful perennials and blooming trees and in the winter the broken, crooked, Huck-Finn-like fence in the backyard is clearly visible.  It’s funny how I long I can stand there and just stare into the yard, for no reason other than to slow down and daydream for bit.  The window sill used to be empty with just a splattering of the occasional keys or jewelry or other non-think-about-items that happened to find their way to the sill.  Somewhere along the way I started to place things there that meant something to me, things that would push me a bit in my daydreaming. I started with art my daughter made and added in rocks from far away places that my sons would bring me as souvenirs.    I placed a compass and a carabineer to remind me that life is an adventure, or at least it should be.  I added a flashlight, a pocketwatch and a whistle to remind me that I was safe here in my home and if by chance I wasn’t, these things would help.  I added a stopwatch, because for whatever reason I’ve always loved stop watches as they make me think about time and a beginning and an end and how we have to make things happen because time is running out.  Just ask my kids, I’ve always given them stop watches as gifts.  If there was room I would place a kite, because I love kites and along with stop watches have given my kids these as gifts every year since they were born.  They may not know this but I give them kites as a symbol, a symbol that they should fly free and where ever they want but I am holding tight to the string.

So, what is on your windowsill.