I see your face everywhere, I stop to look and try not to stare. Half hoping it’s you, relieved when it’s not.  Dear God, for real, will this every stop?

Look up, look down, look away, for if you stare too long, you will waste your whole day.  My heart won’t sing and it refuses to dance, what if you only ever get one chance?

On a train, and on an airplane, at every stop and at every view, the people rush in and I look at them, and I hope it’s you.  I hope it’s you.

Where can I go to get away, the torment of these faces, everyday?  And none are yours nor can they ever be, for you are gone and all that’s left is me.

In the darkness I start to hum, please bring me peace, or to the asylum.  For at least there everyone looks the same, no one knows who you are, or asks you your name.

When you look at me, can you see the lonely?  Look up, look down, look away.  For the face you’re looking at could be you, someday.

Hey you with the sad eyes.  I care.

With love from Grand Haven,